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Preschool Services

Our Preschool is focused on providing a wonderful learning environment for your children. We utilize concepts from Reggio Emilia, coupled with our own tried and true teaching methods, to maximize learning opportunities for your child.

Some highlights of our program are:

1. We teach. You might say our motto is "playing while learning" rather than "learning through play." We teach reading, math, science and other subjects in a fun format with NO PRESSURE. We find children have a wonderful curiosity and are "learning sponges" when provided the proper learning environment. And it has to be fun. We want them to retain that natural curiosity as they grow, so that learning will be a lifelong desire.

2. Our children don't stay in a single room all day. Each room of our preschool is designed to provide a specific environment to stimulate your child's curiosity. We designed our building to have tons of natural light. Teachers rotate with their classes throughout the school during the day. We have a dining room where our students eat "family style."

3. Supplies, whether they are Art and Crafts, Dress-up, Science, Books, or Computers are positioned to be accessible to each child. During free-time, your child is allowed to use any of the supplies.

4. We believe in teaching diversity and respect for others, and have worked hard to create a wonderful, multi-cultural environment.

5. We provide inclusive services when at all possible, and work with parents to adapt our program for their child's special needs when we can.

6. Our outdoor environment is continually being upgraded to provide a pleasant, fun atmosphere for your children. We are located in Corrales on approximately 1 and 1/3 acres in a charming country atmosphere.

7. Our teachers are GREAT! We focus on continuing education and as the state requires, all of our teachers have the basic 45-hour class. All of our teacher's also  have their Child Development Associate certificate (CDA), and our assistant directors (as well as our director) all have their National Administrator's credential.


Before and After School Care

Before and After School care are provided for ages 3-12. Before- and After-schoolers have access to all student resources, just as our preschoolers do.

Computers are available for homework purposes. Internet access is NOT provided.

Our teachers will provide help for individual homework problems when time allows.


Parent's Night Out

Occasionally, on a Friday night, we'll open for a Parent's Night Out. We provide pizza and ice cream, and the kids watch one of their favorite movies while their parents go out on the town, or spend a quiet evening together at home!


Promoting Reading and Literacy

Several times a year, we set up a booth at local events, and distribute free books for children, while discussing the need for literacy with the public. We feel a sound basis for reading is crucial for your young ones.



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